Mortgage process


Step by step guide to obtaining a mortgage in Portugal

Step 1

Complete the mortgage enquiry form and return it to us by e-mail or contact us by telephone.

Step 2

We will analyse your data and obtain an agreement in principle from the various lenders. Thereafter we will provide you with a mortgage proposal by e-mail that details the terms and conditions of the various mortgage products.

Step 3

After having discussed the various options we will provide you with the list of the required documentation as well as the necessary application forms of the chosen lender.

Step 4

Upon receipt of all your supporting documentation we will personally submit the application for approval and liaise with the bank for any queries during the approval process. We will keep you informed of the status of the approval.

Step 5

The mortgage is approved, subject to valuation. At this point you will be required to open a bank account with the lender. We will provide you with all the necessary account opening forms and assist you during this process.

Step 6

The valuation is carried out on your property by an independent engineer. We will organise the valuation with the appointed key holder and ensure the bank receives all the necessary property documentation in order to finalise the valuation report.

Step 7

As soon as the valuation figure is confirmed the mortgage is formally approved and you will receive an official mortgage offer letter from the bank.

Step 8

We will advise you of a provisional deed date that has been agreed by all parties and offer you assistance with your money transfers.

Step 9

We will liaise with the bank and your appointed legal representative to co-ordinate the signing of the final purchase deed and mortgage deed. We ensure that all necessary legal documents are provided to the bank in good time for the final deed.

Step 10

We will inform you as soon as your final deed has been signed!


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